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        Risun Polymer International Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014. The company is based on the application of the core technology of special polyether polyester and new silicone materials. The company's first five-year development strategy is to apply the above technologies to adhesives, textiles As well as fiber surface treatment, the development of a new generation of environmentally friendly products that benchmarks against the international advanced level. The company's current main products are: new STP silane modified polyether polymer, special silane, new MS glue, textile fiber waterproof coating, fiber modification auxiliaries.




Construction sector

Silane-modified polyether resin (STP resin) is widely used in prefabricated buildings, green home decoration and other fields.


Industrial field

Silane-modified polyether resin (MS resin) is widely used in passenger cars, rail transit, RVs, containers, yachts, household appliances, public facilities, new energy and other fields.


Waterproof field

Waterproof products made of Risun HT series silane modified resin have good waterproof performance, environmental protection and good weather resistance.


Other fields

SMP silane modified polyether tree (MS resin/STP resin)