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Products and Solutions

Product Details

Forefront of the market

Exhibition: 20th China International Adhesives & Sealant Exhibition
RISUN is the leading company manufacturing silane terminated polyether (STP) polymer in China. We are the gold supplier of STP polymer at home and abroad.We attend domestic and overseas sealant and ad
Risun Polymer Was Invited to HUI TIAN 2016 Core Suppliers Summit
As the core suppliers of Huitian, Risun Polymer was invited to attend the Core Suppliers Summit held from March 20th to 22nd in Xiangyang, Hubei.
Product name

STP Polymer

Affiliate classification


    Based on 10000 - 15000 MW polyether


    Dimethoxy & Triethoxy capped

  Polymer Viscosity

    7000 - 10000 mPa.s at 25℃


    Catalyzed with dibutyl tin diketonoate and secondary amino silane

  Polymer Hardness

    Shore A 22 - 26

  Tensile Strength

    1.0 - 3.0 Mpa


    200 - 340%

    Specific Gravity

    1.005 KG/L

    CAS No.

    1497417 - 11 -4


As a new generation dimethoxy and triethoxy capped silane terminated polyether polymer of RISUN POLYMER, 12000DS-A is with lower viscosity compared with 12000DS. 12000DS-A is used in making various industrial sealants and adhesives. Combining the advantages of silicone sealant and the PU sealant, the STP sealant is with broad formulation latitude and application.


  STP Polymer


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