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Meet you at FEICA 2014 from Sep. 17 to 19 at Berlin – Germany
Meet you at FEICA 2014 from Sep. 17 to 19 at Berlin – Germany
Risun Polymer will attend FEICA European Adhesive & Sealant Conference and EXPO 2014,
Berlin, Germany - organized for the adhesive & sealant industry and present our new
generation Silane Terminated Polymer (STP) .It is new technology which combine favorable
features of PU and silicon.The rise in popularity of this technology is due to the versatility
and well-balanced properties in adhesive and sealant field.
As the leading manufacturer for STP polymer in China, Risun Polymer can provide you the
total solution with competitive price and excellent service.
FEICA (http://www.feica-conferences.com), the Association of the European Adhesive and
Sealant Industry, is a multinational association representing the European adhesive and
sealant Industry. In this regard FEICA aims at establishing a constructive dialogue with
legislators in order to act as a reliable partner and create a mutually beneficial economic
and legislative environment.
Please meet us at FEICA exhibition, our Table Top Exhibition No. is 40, we are waiting for