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Forefront of the market

Exhibition: 20th China International Adhesives & Sealant Exhibition
RISUN is the leading company manufacturing silane terminated polyether (STP) polymer in China. We are the gold supplier of STP polymer at home and abroad.We attend domestic and overseas sealant and ad
Risun Polymer Was Invited to HUI TIAN 2016 Core Suppliers Summit
As the core suppliers of Huitian, Risun Polymer was invited to attend the Core Suppliers Summit held from March 20th to 22nd in Xiangyang, Hubei.


Formulation Related Questions

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1.Wearefactoryproducingotherkindsofsealants,ourfillersaredifferentfromthoseinyourcompany’srecommendedformulationforSTPsealant.Couldyoutellusthefillersuppliersinformation?  Yes,wehavedetailedsupplierli
1. We are factory producing other kinds of sealants, our fillers are different from those in your company’s recommended formulation for STP sealant. Could you tell us the filler suppliers information? 
Yes, we have detailed supplier list. Please contact us for the information.
2. Can the hardness, tensile strength or other properties be changed greatly by adjusting the quantities of the other fillers in the formulation?
Yes, the properties can be changed by adjusting the formulation. However right now, our company only supplies basic formulation.
3. There is benzene ring in DIDP, will it make influences on environmental performance?
For phthalate plasticizers, DIDP is out of the EU testing standard limited list. No report that DIDP is harmful to the environment and human body is seen.
4. The tin-containing catalysts is harmful to the environment, it should be less used. Is it needed to add tin-containing catalyst in making the STP sealants? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using tin free catalysts?
It is OK to use tin free catalyst for our T series polymer, but the curing will be slower. The tin-containing catalyst makes the curing faster and more stable, but it is toxic, but because of which, little or no anti mildew agent is needed. 
5. Why the desired effect of the sealants can not be achieved based on your formulation?
Our formulations are finally determined by rigorous tests, screenings, trial and error. If the results are different, we suggest making strict control of sources and uses of the other fillers, and repeating for some times. Usually there will be no problem about the results if the moisture and fillers dispersion are well controlled.
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