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2017 On the way--ASC Exhibition got a complete success

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The annual American ASC Exhibition and conference was held in Atlanta from April3 to 5,2017. 
The annual American ASC Exhibition and conference was held in Atlanta from April3 to 5,2017. 
Risun Polymer International Co., LTD,the unique domestic manufacturer of the silane modified polymer, participated in the event and competed with other countries’ manufacturers.




During the three days of the exhibition, we displayed the STP silane modified polyether products and had received the widespread attention and high praise. Our products had attracted many adhesive & sealant and coating company and industry experts from home and abroad to have detail technical communication and business negotiation with us.






At the same time, Risun Polymer International Co., LTD also participated in the exhibition held in same industry conferences We discussed some of the prospective questions with numerous experts. All these provide a development direction for our products and enterprise.






As being a STP manufacturer which always grasp the frontier markets, Risun will be adhering to the concept of continuous improvement and innovation. We are committed to provide more rich products and create new value to global customers and partners.