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About Us

President Greetings

President Greetings

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In 2009, RISUN POLYMER took the lead in the silane terminated polyether polymer (STP) field, witnessed the germination, growth, development of Chinese STP resin sealants. Based in China, radiating the whole world, RISUN POLYMER broke the monopoly, is supplying new generation silane terminated polyether polymer products. In 2014, with the belief of “international staff, international cooperation and international market”, RISUN POLYMER keeps improving older products, developing new products, and aspires to be the leading brand of STP polymer.

The core competences of RISUN POLYMER are as below:

    Focusing on the development and application of new chemical materials, providing the systemic solutions and creating more product values.
    Focusing on developing new type, eco-friendly, low carbon products, relieving the pressure of the earth's environment and pollution.
    Committed to promoting the health, standard and sustainability development of the industry.

In 2014, RISUN POLYMER started construction of the new modern production base with annual output of 1 ton. As the new factory being built, RISUN POLYMER will supply more quantities of silane terminated polyether polymer with high-quality, high-tech and high-efficiency; supply more and better products for industry value chain; establish an excellent, technology-oriented Chinese brand in the world. RISUN POLYMER will move into the whole world with the full dreams of its staff. Let's work together!

Forefront of the market

Exhibition: 20th China International Adhesives & Sealant Exhibition
RISUN is the leading company manufacturing silane terminated polyether (STP) polymer in China. We are the gold supplier of STP polymer at home and abroad.We attend domestic and overseas sealant and ad
Risun Polymer Was Invited to HUI TIAN 2016 Core Suppliers Summit
As the core suppliers of Huitian, Risun Polymer was invited to attend the Core Suppliers Summit held from March 20th to 22nd in Xiangyang, Hubei.