Accelerate the production capacity construction of the second phase of high-tech product projects. By 2025, the output value will be 2 billion yuan

2022-03-17 18:44


The second phase of the Huai'an factory was started, and the company's comprehensive building was constructed at the same time.

2022-03-17 18:44


In order to meet the needs of the market and development, Taizhou Ruiyang Litai New Material Technology Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to Jiangsu Ruiyang Antai New Material Technology Co., Ltd. In the same year, RISUN silane-modified polyether STP resin broke through historical sales

2022-03-17 18:44


Established Nanjing Branch of Jiangsu Ruiyang Antai New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

2022-03-17 18:42


The first phase of Huai'an production base was put into operation. In the same year, the R&D center and engineering technology center were established, which not only enriched the product range, but also provided customers with personalized solutions.

2022-03-17 18:44


Jiangsu Ruiyang Antai New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established, and a new production base covering an area of 130 mu was built in Huaian, with a continuous production scale of 100,000 tons of STP resin to ensure the supply of products.

2022-03-17 18:45

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